Justin Bieber expands drug use, the weight of fame

He is talking about the "massive ups and downs" Justin Bieber experienced from his childhood sweetheart when he went through "the most ridiculous, judged, and hated person in the world."

In a lengthy Instagram post on the holiday weekend, the 25-year-old pop phenomenon caused the stardom of children to consume drugs of depression and humility, and reflected a "woman-friendly and angry attitude."

"I moved away from all the people I loved, and I hid behind, the shell of a person I became," he wrote.

"Everybody did it for me, so I didn't even learn the basics of accountability," said Bieber, who at 18, had "no real-world skills" despite saying "millions of dollars and access to what I wanted."

Bieber abruptly cut back on his 2017 tour, saying he would later seek "insecurity."

This move made the superstar known more for his plays than for music, including meeting the photographer by accident with his car.

The star had major problems driving his vehicle across Miami and throwing eggs at his neighbor's house.

In 2017, China said Bieber was not welcomed by the country because of its "bad behavior", saying it had to return a lot to growing.

In an introspective Instagram post, Bieber said his marriage to model Hailey Baldwin helped her friends and helped them re-focus their lives on faith.

"Thankfully God has blessed me with the extraordinary people who love me," he said. "That's all I can say to keep fighting you.

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