Juggun Kazim shares the emotional experience of shaking the body after the wrong thing

Celebrity TV actress and host Juggun Kazim today (September 3) shared a personal emotional story of embarrassing her body during pregnancy, which later made her unhappy.

The 39-year-old actress took to Instagram and pointed out a rough story of the wrong story that kept her a secret. Because of its secret, people were embarrassed to gain weight while being a major face of Pakistani television.

Juggun revealed, "I was pregnant until a few days ago. For some reason, I gained a lot of weight quickly. I was most excited when I started taking fat. One woman said," laga hai Lahore ki hawa laag gaye tumhain. " they told me I was "too healthy". So far, I wasn't ready to share what I was expecting as a baby, because my pregnancies were generally precarious. "

He continued to talk about his misconduct: "Last week I had a miscarriage. My doctor told me this time it was pretty severe and there was a lot of internal bleeding. It took me a day to mourn, but then I went back to work, because what else? Does he start work again and the next day someone commented that I was "healthy" again. "

He said in a message of conscience, "We need to stop giving up on other people. Those who are overweight know that they are overweight. Increasing their weight can be for some reason, some desirable and some not. Yes, some people should be encouraged to lead a more active lifestyle." But if you're someone's mother or sister, you don't tell the body what you think. "

"Life is short. Let's try our life politely," he concluded with a peaceful tip.

Juggun is married to Feisal H. Naqvi and has a son named Hassan. The actor also has an older son, a former Hamza marriage.

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