Fiza Ali has revealed the "habit of defeating my father with my mother"

Pakistani actress Fiza Ali has revealed that her father was mistreating his mother and even when she was pregnant.

In an interview, Fiza said: "His father once hit his mother so badly that her lower jaw was injured to some extent by blood. That's what my neighbors told me later."

Fiza Ali says she has told him in every interview so far that her father was dead, but the fact remains that she has no reason for not being a part of her life.

Her father also shared that her father never took care of his mother or his children. She never won for the family, but her mother was a wealthy asset, she added.

"My mother played our part, my dad also played the role that should be in our lives. My dad has nothing for me, he was my mother's husband and that's it," the actor said.

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