Donkey Raja, Pakistan's most successful animated film

Donkey Raja, Pakistan's most successful animated film, for example. Donkey Raja debuted in South Korea, collecting a sum of Rs7.6 million over five weekends.

According to local magazine, this was a slow start day, which is Friday, when the film made headway over the weekend. At the box office of the main theaters, 67% of the film's total business was worked on Saturday and Sunday. Given the trend, the number of donkey queens is expected to increase in the coming weeks.

According to Entertainment Pakistan, The Donkey King, which was dubbed the local language at $ 7,347 (over PKR 11 lakes) on Wednesday, took 23rd place at the box office. The animated film was released alongside Boladin Andhadhun. The first day he earned $ 14,801 and landed in 12th place.

On Thursday and Friday, Donkey King collected $ 4,035 (PKR over 6 lacs) and $ 4,801 (approx. PKR 7.5 lacs, respectively). However, the animated production picked up on the fourth and fifth day and earned $ 16,651 (PKR 27 lacs) on Saturday and $ 15,138 (PKR 24 lacs) on Sunday - jumped to 15th place and made $ 47,936. (PKR 76 lacs) in five days.

It is directed by Aziz Jindani, and Donkey King is the biggest animated film in Pakistan, composed by Afzal Khan Rambo, Hina Dilpazeer and Ismail Tara. So far, it is the only animated release to hit the Rs200 million mark at the box office.

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