Aamir Liaquat has given an oral response to Adnan Sami on Twitter

Pakistani-born politician Aamir Liaquat has responded to Indian singer-songwriter Adnan Sami on Twitter on social media after the latter declared himself busy in Kashmir in India.

All this was tweeted by a Twitter user, Adnan Sami, who said that his attitude towards Kashmir was one of the most beautiful in India.

Then another twitterati wrote in the wake of Sami asking the Indian pilot in Abhinanda to ask about his tea in Pakistan. The singer replied: "Yes. He went. Roll down the F-16; he took a cup of tea." Vir Chakra is great!

The conversation continued with Pakistani Aamir Liaquat calling him a father's traitor and a fool. Liaquat wrote, "Yes. He (the Abynandarian) shot his identity and stabbed it in the graves of his ancestors. He betrayed it. You got hatred in Pakistan. Fool."

Adnan Sami, on the other hand, has accused Liaquat of taking credit for other people's work in order to validate himself.

Only part of such an existence will be thought of as a pedestrian molecule of its molecular thought. This is why you lead a pathetic life that you eat from other names, to seek validation that no one else creates. Enjoy! Replied Sami.

Anchor posted: "An abscess full of hate and narcissism should write gibberish all the time to seek validation and to prove its patriotism all the time, it's more than your TL Pakistan, so we all know who's living a pathetic life. I know you're hidden."

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